Curriculum (2019)


Group Lesson


4 group lessons (2 sessions from each faculty member) 

Each participant will play a solo in front for a faculty member and a group of other participants. Each group will consist of approximately 7-10 people. There will also be a choice of two open lesson sessions on Saturday morning.



Master Class


2 master classes

Each faculty will provide a specific topic to present. In the second half, we might have some time to listen to a few participants play solos.

[Past topics]

-Examination between academic music and commercial music

-How to use your body to play percussive instruments

-Alexander Technique

-Western and Japanese Music History

-History of Marimba

-How to approach J. S. Bach’s music

-Arranging techniques

-What is contemporary music?

-Copyright law


  • Please do not hesitate to play “in-progress” performance at the group lessons or master classes. We can give you advice on how to practice and strive for your ideal performance. 

  • Group lessons and master classes will cover many topics, including technique, performance, interpretation, arranging and more.

  • You will be able to practice between 6:00-24:00 at Wellness Garden. We hope that you can attend all group lessons and master classes, but it is your choice to use the time for private practice.


Final Concert by all Participants


On the last day, participants will perform their chosen solos or ensemble piece.



Faculty Recital


All participants will attend the faculty’s concert, which is open to the public.



Private Lessons with Nanae Mimura (optional)

The schedule of Private Lessons were full.

Private lessons by Nanae will be available:

12:30-14:00 on Thursday, August 29th (Full)

13:00-15:00 on Sunday, September 1st (Full)

You can choose either a 30 minute lesson or 60 minute lesson.

Lesson fees are 5,000JPY for 30 minutes and 10,000JPY for 60 minutes. Please add this private lesson fee to your total camp fee when you transfer funds.



Volunteer Performance at a Local Nursing Home (optional)


Participants who wish to perform either solos or duos on 1 marimba (5oct.) will visit a local nursing home. The repertoire for this concert will be “lighter” music as Japanese countryside elder people prefer to listen to Japanese traditional (children) songs and well-known classical music.

​Instrument:KOROGI UM3000CC

(The application is closed)

The volunteer concert will be held:

Thursday, August 29th  15:00-16:00
at Nursing home [Rengetsu-so

8830 Sakai, Fujimi-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano-ken,

JAPAN 399-0101


Maximum: 7 performers, either solo or duo on 1 marimba, and 7 minutes performance maximum for each. 



Marimba Ensemble or Body Percussion Ensemble (optional)


If you wish to play marimba ensemble  (with maximum two 5 oct. marimbas) or body percussion ensemble at the finale concert, please let us know. 

  •  For participants who wish to play marimba ensemble with other participants, please let us know your preferred repertoires and parts or if you are open to repertoire being chosen for you. We will try to find the best match for you.

  • For participants who wish to play body percussion ensemble music, please select your piece and a part from below:

William J. Schinstine / Rock Trap (Parts: 1,2,3,4,5)

Steve Reich / Clapping Music (Parts: 1, 2)

Tetsuya Furuya / Yasai no Kimochi (voice percussion) (Parts: Banana, Cabbage, Shiitake, Pon-kan, Peanut)